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Explore the Great Covenant of Avalon, a gathering of allied representatives on their home planet, as Dere Aislinn; a girl who lost her memory at the same place three years ago. Were your memory loss to be discovered it would be at great strain to your family. Without getting caught, uncover the mystery of your amnesia while navigating between politics and romance. Evade political, social, and sometimes physical dangers to regain what you’ve lost or choose to move beyond your forgotten history. Aid in the exploration of an ancient archaeological site while putting Avalon’s political stability at risk or help maintain the current status quo. While maybe along the way finding life-long friends or unexpected romance…

Current and Planned Features:

• Over 90,000 words of content and 187 choices and counting (end of Script 2)
• Many genres and storylines to explore.
• Rated: PG-13
• Numerous Endings (Eventually there are at least 23 endings currently planned)
• 7 Romanceable Male NPCs (Six Open Romances, One Secret Romance)
• Friendship routes possible for male NPCs
• 3 BFF (Best Friend Forever) Female NPCs
• MC Sprite
• Rivalries between Romanced Male NPCs.
• Kickstarter to help improve current and planned features.

Needs for Game Development: (Currently Recognized Needs)

• Music
• Better GUI
• CG Artist (Would like at least 7 CG’s for the romanced characters and others as affordability allows)
• Play testers as the game’s coding and development continues.
• Proof reader (for any grammar related errors in the script).

Personal Description of Fate Maker Games:

I’m Suru (though I also often go by Aura and Ash in online forums), the founder of Fate Maker Games. I love crafting stories and worlds for people to learn about and explore and thought an interesting way in which to do so was through the virtual novel medium. This is Fate Maker Games first project, with many storyboards and notes for future games connected to this world.

Hopes for Production:

Our hopes for production include the involvement of the player base when possible on certain decisions in the design of some story lines. Eventually if we gain the interest we would like to run a kickstarter and all those involved could help vote on placement of eventual CG's, some aspects of plot design, and so on. Of course with other kickstarter goodies being possible in limited numbers like the virtual designs of PC's (within what fits to the world) or prompts for dates or other event scenes in the game.  Right now we're still fairly early in production and this demo is likely to evolve over time even before further parts of the game move forward.  Feedback is greatly desired and appreciated to help improve and build on both this demo and the future of the game.

Progress of Game:

Written: 5.5 days of 28
Programmed: 5.5 days of 28
GUI – Still needs upgrade
Character Art – Artwork finished on 8 characters (8 More Needed)
Background Art – Finished
Approximate percentage of completion: 15%

Questions for Players of Demo:
Are there any suggestions as to the description of the characters or narrative that you feel could add to the game?
Are there any aspects that really interest you?
Are there any aspects that you feel detract from interest?
What was your impression of the demo overall?
Did this page present the demo well?
Did you find any glitches or bugs that need to be addressed?
Was the writing acceptable? Were there any strange moments in flow or awkward dialogue?
Were the transitions of expressions and rooms acceptable? Any strange moments?
What was your favorite part of the demo?
Would you desire or consider helping to fund a kick-starter in relation to this game?
Any other comments, questions, or feedback?

Install instructions

Once downloaded for pc or mac - names of files should be appropriate to needed style you will need to be able to unzip (extract) the game files.  From there you should only need to select the exe to get the game to play.  The exe should be something along the lines of: SoAAlpha0.7.exe.


SoaAlpha07-1.0-linux.tar.bz2 490 MB
SoaAlpha07-1.0-mac.zip 484 MB
SoaAlpha07-1.0-pc.zip 501 MB

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